Cartridge Shipping Policy

Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd terms of freight for cartridges is normally quoted as EXWORKS Melbourne, Australia. 

It is important to note the following:

  • Micro bubbles occur due to pressurisation of the cartridges during transport by air cargo.

  • If the cargo is mishandled, the cartridge blue gel may become dis-lodged resulting in leaked ink from the cartridge.

Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd package formats have been designed to maximize the protection of the cartridges. 

To assist our customers, Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd does arrange freight for our customers using their nominated courier and account and in some instances does arrange to charge to Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd directly and then invoice the customer.   

Digital Ink Technologies Pty Ltd and its agents accept no liability for lost or damaged freight. We recommend that sufficient freight insurance be obtained PRIOR to shipping. 

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